About Productlabel

Productlabel is an affordable, simple and accessible way to create bar code labels for your products, boxes and more. The Productlabel barcoding solution allows you to register your products and create GS1 productcodes (GTINs) for them. Afterwards you can generate barcode labels that can be scanned by your trading partners.

You can choose any of the most common barcodes, such as EAN-13, GS1 128, ITF-14, UPC-A or Databar. The basic subscription offers a standard barcode label, but custom solutions are available as well. To start with Productlabel you need a GS1 code package. You can request this at GS1.

Productlabel as Vendor Portal

Would you like your vendors to supply their products with a barcode label by your design? Productlabel is an online portal, available world wide. With it you can grant your vendors access to a personalized and secure Productlabel environment. Your vendors and suppliers can generate the productlabels that meet your specifications and design to label their products and boxes. Enabling traceability along the logistic chain and a fast and efficient receipt of goods. Read more about the Suppliers Productlabel Portal and how Syngenta uses Productlabel as a vendor portal.

GS1 Solution Provider

Productlabel is a product of Type 2 Solutions. Type 2 Solutions is a GS1 Solution Provider for GS1 Netherlands, GS1 UK and GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg.

Label Management Solutions

Create, manage and centralize labels, comply with GS1 standards, food, healthcare or GHS hazmat regulations and give your supply chain a boost with the Type 2 Solutions label management solutions. Discover our suite of label management products.

Satisfied customers

Our customers are part of various industries such as Retail, Food, DIY, Healthcare, Logistics, Chemicals and Mobility. They choose to generate GS1 codes, barcodes and product labels through Productlabel because of the user friendliness, the speed and the flexibility the application offers. Experience it yourself, try our free 2D barcode generator.


Syngenta’s suppliers use the Productlabel SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application which allows them to easily and quickly create their label, wherever they are in the world. With a barcode, so that every shipment could be scanned and matched to the information in Syngenta’s SAP system.

Piet Zweed

Process Specialist at Syngenta

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